Who We Are


Graphic design firm? Nah.

Just another screen print shop? Nope. Not that either. Modesto Studios specializes in creative design, quality products, and superior customer service from within an artist studio environment. Not a sweatshop. Not a farmhouse for stock art. 

Do they do graphic design? Yep, and love to!

Do they do custom screen printing for other businesses, musicians, or artists? Absolutely, and quite well, actually. Just ask their clients!

In addition to the standard graphic design, logo design, branding, and screen printing, Modesto Studios also offers other creative services, such as wheatepaste mural design and installations, custom wall coverings, housewares, and interior design collaborations for both commercial and residential clients.

Modesto Studios is truly an extension of the authentic and artful lifestyle, which is inspired by music, travel, nature, and the life experiences of artists/owners, Brad and Stephanie Towell. This dynamic duo, along with the other creatives they collaborate with create, make, and do the things they do with a whole lot of love, passion and hard work. After 20 years of being who they are, and doing what they do, they've got it down to a fine science!



Officially Established in 2005

Modesto Studios gets it's name from a play on the word modest, which has always described the people behind the work. Some super down to earth folks, enduring the many trials and tribulations that life sometimes offers. Across time and miles, from the Midwest to the MidAtlantic, they've been raising a family, getting big brains at college, playing with really cute dogs, getting lots of tattoos, making music, making art, showing their work, and slowly, but surely evolving their art into a full time, paying gig.

As their audience continues to grow, so does the heart and soul of Modesto, the modest studio.