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Screen Printing and Design.

Established in 2005

We are often asked about the origin of the name, Modesto Studios. Most people seem to expect that we are from, or somehow tied to Modesto, CA, but we've actually never even visited the city.

For us, just a couple of reserved and down to earth folks, "Modesto", the Latin/Spanish/Italian adjective for "modest, humble, and unpretentious", quite perfectly described both the team, and the intentions and is how our name came to be.

Modesto Studios is more than just another graphic design firm or screen print shop. Curiosity, determination, killer work ethic, and an ability to see beyond barriers have guided the evolution of our capabilities, and opened many doors to some amazing opportunities that have set us apart from everyone else.

Custom screen printed projects for small business, non-profit, and local artist clientele have expanded over the past couple of years to include movie and television graphic design, prop making, handmade signs, and large scale photo booths for high profile events.




(412) 259-8401



321 Pennwood Avenue
Suite G1 Side Alley Entrance
Pittsburgh, PA 15221



Our hours are typically Monday thru Friday, 9am - 5pm, but due to the nature of our projects, our hours may vary. Calling ahead or scheduling appointments is always the best guarantee that we won't miss you!






Projects:: Signs + Murals


Projects:: Events + Photo Booths


Projects:: Furniture + Interiors


Projects:: Props + Sets


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